input TxItemFilter {

  txItem: Long

  txDetail: Long

  itemCode: String

  lineNumber: Int

  ratingPeriod: Int

  itemSpecification: Int

  taxDate: String

  taxDurationDays: Int

  description: String

  quantity: BigDecimal

  eventCount: Int

  displayRate: String

  generated: Boolean

  amount: BigDecimal

  subtotalAmount: BigDecimal

  subscriptionUuid: UUID

  taxSummaryItem: Boolean

  taxSchedule: Int

  tax: BigDecimal

  taxable: Boolean

  discount: Int

  discountAmount: BigDecimal

  purchaseOrder: UUID

  rollupTxItem: Int

  bindingUuid: UUID

  costCentre: Int

Required by

Draft invoice
Information about a credit or debit that has been applied to an Account
Detailed information about a (possibly draft) transaction