Detailed information about a (possibly draft) transaction

type TxDetail {

  txdetailUuid: UUID

  txDetail: Long

  number: String

  account: Long

  ledgerTime_iso: String

  ledgerTime: Milliseconds

  creationTime_iso: String

  creationTime: Milliseconds

  closedDate_iso: String

  closedDate: Milliseconds

  dueDate_iso: String

  dueDate: Milliseconds

  amount: BigDecimal

  taxAmount: BigDecimal

  reportingAccount: Int

  comments: String

  version: Int

  discount: BigDecimal

  lateFeeTxItem: Int

  # Arguments
  # filter: [Not documented]
  TxItems(filter: [TxItemFilter]): TxItemCursor

  # Arguments
  # filter: [Not documented]
  Account(filter: [AccountFilter]): Account

Required by

Smile’s GraphQL Query type
Information about a credit or debit that has been applied to an Account