Charge Data Record (CDR). In Smile, a CDR is a record of a single element of a billable event.

type Cdr {

  tid: Int

  ucdrUuid: UUID

  cdrUuid: UUID

  version: Int

  modified_iso: String

  modified: Milliseconds

  subscriptionUuid: UUID

  stid: Long

  bindingUuid: UUID

  aggregateUuid: UUID

  effective_iso: String

  effective: Milliseconds

  duration: Long

  cdrType: String

  src: Long

  dst: Long

  tariffCode: String

  quantity: Long

  cost: BigDecimal

  tariffType: Long

  chargeAmount: BigDecimal

  # Arguments
  # filter: [Not documented]
  Subscription(filter: [SubscriptionFilter]): Subscription

  # Arguments
  # filter: [Not documented]
  Errors(filter: [CdrErrorFilter]): [CdrError]

  # Arguments
  # filter: [Not documented]
  TariffType(filter: [TariffTypeFilter]): TariffType

Required by

Unmediated CDR